Whether you long to be told the many fascinating stories of Europe's great landmarks, hear tales of the mysterious pyramids of Egypt, or learn the intriguing histories of other great countries, a Globus vacation will give you the in-depth insights that bring your destination's past to life. Our experienced, Tour Directors create a travel experience for you like no other so you'll walk away from your vacation having been a part of the stories that bring history to life.

And while you're immersing in the historical past, you'll also take pleasure in the present - staying in quality hotels, relishing the must-see attractions and enjoying free time to explore on your own. With over 80 years of experience, there's a reason why Globus is the world leader in escorted travel and also holds multiple "Best Tour Operator" awards from numerous prestigious travel entities. Come explore with us and you'll find out why.
GLOBUS 2024: Quebec in Depth with the Gaspe Peninsula (CQ) from $3,734.00 (USD)
Who says you have to cross the Atlantic to dive into European culture? Croissant-scented cobblestone avenues are much closer than you think.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Thailand: Bangkok, the Beach & Beyond (IAT3) from $3,469.00 (USD)
'Thailand' translates to 'land of the free' and we think it's about time that you free yourself from the typical to explore this fascinating destination with the I-Time you crave on an Independence by Globus vacation.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Sensational Southeast Asia (IAH1) from $3,409.00 (USD)
Sample the best of Southeast Asia on this fascinating journey with Independence by Globus. You'll begin in Hanoi, Vietnam, with guided sightseeing and a cyclo ride through the ancient Old Quarter where merchants trade as they have for centuries.
GLOBUS 2025: Great Canadian Rail Journey with Alaska Cruise (CZI) from $7,722.00 (USD)
Redirect your train of thought on this epic rail journey across captivating Canada.
GLOBUS 2024: Icons of India: The Taj, Tigers & Beyond with Mumbai & Varanasi (ODQ4) from $4,149.00 (USD)
Start your journey in bustling Mumbai. Witness its tiffin lunch box delivery system, and visit the former residence of Mahatma Gandhi.
GLOBUS 2024: Nature's Best: Alaska (CK) from $3,399.00 (USD)
Peaks. Glaciers. Whales. Wildlife. You couldn't see more of the great state of Alaska in one week if you were an Iditarod sled dog.
GLOBUS 2025: London & Paris (HC) from $3,079.00 (USD)
A cuppa tea or a petit cafe? A sugar-dusted scone or a savory-filled crepe? A pint of shandy or a flute of Champagne? The beauty of visiting two of the world's most fascinating cities in one vacation is that you can indulge in the delights of both.
GLOBUS 2025: East Africa Private Safari with Nairobi (IQH2) from $8,079.00 (USD)
Leave the rat race and monkey business of everyday life at home and revel in your independent spirit on this Independence by Globus Africa tour.
GLOBUS 2024: Scottish Escape (KASX) from $1,429.00 (USD)
This off-season Scottish Escape tour is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Scotland's rural landscapes, as well as the energy of its cities and iconic sites. Your escorted vacation begins in Scotland's largest city-Glasgow.
GLOBUS 2024: Iconic Aegean with 3-Night Cruise (RK) from $2,330.00 (USD)
Famous for creating the Olympic Games, inventing theatrical arts, and founding democracy, the industrious and innovative Greeks have also been known to vote for the art of doing nothing at all.
GLOBUS 2024: Best of the Hawaiian Islands (EW) from $4,159.00 (USD)
So long, predictable. Aloha, paradise! It's time to trade the humdrum for hammocks, the mundane for Mai Tais, and your day-to-day rut for rocking evening luaus. This 10-day Hawaiian getaway is just the break you need to stop and smell the roses.
GLOBUS 2025: Lisbon to Madrid Escape (KPSX) from $1,499.00 (USD)
What could be better than spending eight days in Portugal and Spain? Spending them during the off season when crowds are fewer and travel prices are lower!
GLOBUS 2024: Imperial Escape (KCAX) from $1,429.00 (USD)
On this guided vacation of Central Europe, experience the rich history and most popular destinations without the crowds-and even better-without the high-season prices.
GLOBUS 2025: Peru Escape with Nazca Lines (K2Q) from $2,289.00 (USD)
Escape to Peru with a 9-day adventure from its valleys to mountaintops. Discover Peru's Nazca Lines giving a whole new meaning to drawing a line in the sand.
GLOBUS 2025: Independent Spirit of India (IAI2) from $3,529.00 (USD)
Eclectic temples and imposing forts. Pristine wildlife refuges and lively metropolises. Pink cities and golden triangles. Fairytale monuments and tantalizing cuisine.
GLOBUS 2025: Australian Safari (PL) from $7,460.00 (USD)
If your idea of meeting the locals is cradling koalas, hand feeding kangaroos, and laughing with a school of clownfish, then this is the vacation for you. Animal lovers unite on this spectacular safari tour of Australia.
GLOBUS 2025: Tournament of Roses (AX) from $2,749.00 (USD)
You can leave your rose-colored glasses at home when you pack your bags for America's favorite New Year's celebration.
GLOBUS 2025: Down Under Discovery with Fiji (PSE) from $8,379.00 (USD)
Crikey! If you've always wanted a complete tour of Down Under, with no red stone left uncovered, this is it.
GLOBUS 2024: Tournament of Roses with San Diego (AXE) from $3,189.00 (USD)
You can leave your rose-colored glasses at home when you pack your bags for America's favorite New Year's celebration.
GLOBUS 2025: Tanzania Private Safari (IQT1) from $6,479.00 (USD)
Our wildest dreams come true on this Independence by Globus African safari in Tanzania.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Dublin & Belfast City Stay (M4) from $1,099.00 (USD)
Unpack the jewels of the Emerald Isle as you wish with a pot 'o gold brimming with the I-Time you deserve in Dublin and Belfast.
GLOBUS 2025: Independent Galapagos cruise aboard the Galapagos Legend with Peru (ISK3) from $6,379.00 (USD)
How deep is your love of adventure? Is it deep enough to follow the course of Charles Darwin to discover your own love affair with the wildlife paradise of the Galapagos Islands?
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Costa Rica Wonders with Tortuguero (ILA2) from $1,939.00 (USD)
Livin' la Pura Vida! This philosophy of the pure life in Costa Rica is also a common greeting you'll hear on your Independence by Globus tour.
GLOBUS 2025: Independent Naturally New Zealand with Sydney (IPN3) from $5,409.00 (USD)
God's Own Country?it might sound conceited, but this is how New Zealanders-or 'kiwis'-refer to their country. Why? Maybe because it offers stunning beauty. Maybe because it's one of the first countries in the world to see the sunrise.
GLOBUS 2025: Sunny Days, Starry Nights: America's Rocky Mountains By Design (F8A) from $4,019.00 (USD)
Get outward-bound on an 8-day adventure in the Rocky Mountains. How will you indulge your inner mountaineer? Rafting on a river with a big smile on your face or riding on a chairlift in Big Sky country?
GLOBUS 2024: Imperial Splendors (RS) from $3,099.00 (USD)
The over-the-top homes. The complicated relationships. The relentless quest for power.
GLOBUS 2024: Exploring Cuba's Culture, History, and Colonial Cities (YW) from $4,759.00 (USD)
Discover the island nation of Cuba - a place filled with friendly people, eager to share their lives, heritage, and culture with you...and equally curious to hear about the customs and traditions of the neighboring United States.
GLOBUS 2025: Highlights of the South Pacific with Fiji (PKE) from $7,789.00 (USD)
Ready to wash that monotony right out of your hair? Head to the South Pacific and send it on its way.
GLOBUS 2024: Peru Escape (K2) from $1,389.00 (USD)
Escape to Peru with a 7-day adventure from its valleys to mountaintops. Get up close and personal with llamas and alpacas in the Sacred Valley and get more than you bargained for in textiles and treasures at Pisac's famous market.
GLOBUS 2024: Independent Rome, Florence & Venice City Stay (M3A) from $1,599.00 (USD)
Three coins in a fountain? How about three fantastic Italian cities in one week? Come to Italy with triple the tastes and traditions in Rome, Florence, and Venice.

GLOBUS 2024: Independent Santiago City Stay (ILS1)
From $929.00 (USD)

Hola, Santiago! We love your art galleries, daring designs, irresistible eateries, and electrifying nightlife, not to mention your perfectly poised setting between the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean coastline.

GLOBUS 2025: Highlights of the South Pacific with Fiji (PKE)
From $7,789.00 (USD)

Ready to wash that monotony right out of your hair? Head to the South Pacific and send it on its way.

GLOBUS 2024: Italian Vista (LR)
From $2,339.00 (USD)

Explore hidden cobblestone streets, watch the world go by from a sidewalk cafe, sail across beautiful blue waters and delight at the local specialties on this incomparable Italian vacation.

GLOBUS 2025: Wonders of the Maritimes & Scenic Cape Breton with Ocean Train to Montreal (CHE)
From $4,429.00 (USD)

If you can't take the beat, get out of the kitchen! One of the highlights of a visit to the Canadian Maritimes is the Ceilidh (kay-lee), or kitchen party, a Gaelic celebration of music, dancing, and storytelling.

GLOBUS 2024: Independent London, Paris & Amsterdam City Stay (M1B)
From $1,899.00 (USD)

Go where history, romance, and flowers bloom with an Independent City Stay in London, Paris, and Amsterdam! See the magnificent sights of Britain's capital city with a blooming good time in London.

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